The Circus Manager and the Clowns

For months rumors had it that the Afghan government led by Karzai was in talks, mostly secret, with Taleban. Karzai's international supporters including the United States, and NATO had given Karzai, their man in Kabul, green light to go ahead and follow on his initiative of peace talks with Taleban which was also endorsed by the London Conference on Afghanistan. Karzai held and believed that talks with Taleban were the only way to maintain peace and security in Afghanistan.

However, he had shut his eyes on the collusion of corruption and inefficiency within his administration. Corruption smeared his own personal reputation when he admitted to receiving cash, in bags, not only from the government of Iran, but also from the United States, Dubai and other sources. He had kept this fact from his people until it was publicized by international media. And that happened in spite of the fact that he and his ministers had taken the oath of loyalty and honesty to the Afghan nation prior to occupying their positions. His administration has been unable to show any documentation as to the amount of cash received or its disbursement which has been outside the routine financial management rules of the government and has been handled by his Chief of Staff, Daoudzai formerly Afghan ambassador to Tehran. In another twist of affairs, it was revealed in yet another article in New York Times of November 22, 2010 that his government and even his foreign supporters have been deceived by an imposter who had posed as Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, the second in command of Taleban establishment in conducting these peace talks with the Afghan government and even with the person of Hamed Karzai in his office in Kabul. Yet no one has shown any degree of embarrassment on the inefficiency, not only of the Afghan government but of his foreign collaborators including the American advisors who provided the imposter with lots and lots of money, transportation and security. It all sounds like a detective novel a deception of high level and a prank played on a huge group of world power nations at the center of which has been the Karzai government who has failed to recognize the imposter. No wonder, Taleban had been stating all along that they have not had any talks with Karzai's government and do not intend to.

Perhaps now Mullah Omar, and his Al-Qaeda friends in Pakistan are laughing out loud at the Karzai government as well as the United States officials involved in securing the arrangements for the meetings with the imposter.

The Afghan nation finds itself at the hands of not only an inefficient and corrupt government, but one that is outright ignorant and a laughing stock of the international community. And yet the circus goes on and the manager and his clowns, advisors and officials of all sorts, are creating new dramas all detrimental to the interests of the nation and the Afghan people continue to suffer in poverty, unemployment, disease, ignorance, insecurity and an impaired infrastructure which notwithstanding the input of billions of dollars in aid still remains impaired and non-functional.


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