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by Institute for Afghan Studies

The Institute for Afghan Studies covers Afghan related political, economic, social, cultural, and educational issues as observed by scholars, thinkers, journalists and students of Afghanistan (please see our mission statement). The Institute also covers human rights including women's rights issues as well as current events, book reviews and conference reviews. The Institute is already considered the preeminent source devoted to Afghan affairs.

We welcome contributions and feedback from scholars, policy makers and our readers.


Review Process

All contributions to the Institute are subject to a review and approval process. The review process will allow us to ensure contributions to the Institute are in accordance to and in the spirit of our mission statement. The Institute reserves the right to reject contributions which are either not related to its goals and/or are not up to its norms and standards.


Unless otherwise informed, we assume any article submitted to us is being offered exclusively to us. The contributors are not, however, bound to publish their material solely with us. The Institute is a non-for-profit and academic establishment and as such is open to a free exchange of ideas and published materials.

Fact Checking

The Institute for Afghan Studies does not have fact checkers and we are not responsible for the content of the contributed material. We do reserve the right to revise spellings and document formats in order to enforce compliance to our in-house standards.


We prefer contributions in plain ASCII text format. Microsoft Word and HTML formats are also accepted, but authors should be aware that document formats may not be preserved. We require an abstract along with each contribution, which should summarize briefly the content of the paper as well as its conclusions.

Where To Send Your Contribution

By e-mail to: [email protected]

The views expressed in the contributed papers are that of the writer (s) and are not necessarily shared by the Institute for Afghan  Studies (IAS). In addition the IAS can take no responsibility for the quality and content of contributed material and external links.  Please review our Privacy Statement.
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